Lee Blakeley's smart production was the best of this summer's season. ~ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

"Creating a credible unity to this notoriously glib piece was the bridge to cross. It was crucial to decide who the people of the piece were – the individual characters but also the values of their community. A community where superstition and a daily threat of death were intertwined and palpable. Ritual and its significance became a focal point for many elements of the show. It had to be more than Oriental exotica and so we set out to investigate the very real relationships at the centre of the show. Particularly examining the tension between self interest and duty. We shifted the setting from a vague ‘ancient time’ to the mid 19 century which allowed us to reflect on Western colonial influences on the East."

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Set Designer : Jean-Marc Puissant Costume Designer : Brigitte Reifenstuhl Lighting Designer : Rick Fisher Conductor : Emmanuel Villaume