Lee Blakeley has set French critics searching for superlatives. ~ NEW YORK TIMES

"The King and I the musical is a fantasy based on a biased fiction itself drawn from an unreliable memoir! To deny the romance of the piece and the standpoint of Anna would be to the work an injustice. However with our production I saw an opportunity to do justice to the intelligence and sensitivity of the King. A man searching to find an equilibrium between the political and the domestic. Design wise we chose not to be literal to the Royal palaces so we developed a more abstract theatrical language to create a fluid and filmic scope to the way the show moved and was presented. The costume world was a rich one, in turns contrasting and fusing western references and oriental details often with a good dash of fantasy in keeping with its literary roots."

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Set Designer : Jean-Marc Puissant Costume Designer : Sue Blane Lighting Designer : Rick Fisher Choreographer : Peggy Hickey Puppet Designer : Max Humphries Conductor : James Holmes (Paris) Conductor : David Chase (Chicago)