A head-spinning start to the season with Offenbach’s frothy comedy. ~ NEW YORK TIMES

"The production was conceived as a vehicle for Susan Graham. The Duchess of our production became wealthy benefactor, bored and looking for fun. The pocket handkerchief state of Gerolstein became a Midwestern military academy at the turn of the last century. There were cadets, cheerleaders, and the paraphernalia of military training. The themes of gender, money, and power were played out in the closed world of the fictitious academy we created. As with all of the operetta’s I have directed I worked in a visual and linguistic vernacular. The integration of energetic choreography and large scale production numbers brought the show as close to the Broadway musical as an operetta can get! "

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Set Designer : Adrian Linford Costume Designer : Jo Van Schuppen Lighting Designer : Rick Fisher Choreographer : Peggy Hickey Conductor : Emmanuel Villaume