Run, don’t walk! Marvellously directed, Lee Blakeley equals his achievements in A Little Night Music. ~ LE MONDE

"The production was created in the style of poor theatre. The actors using only what was around them in the derelict Victorian warehouse we put on stage to tell the story. The production starts in a community using the environment as a dosshouses London’s docklands. The as the narrative unfolded and the story progressed the actors stepped into their anonymity in the crowd and picking up the baton of the story. The social injustices recorded by Meyhew’s writing and Dore’s etchings were a big influence on the production."

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Designer : Tanya McAllin Lighting Designer : Rick Fisher Choreography : Lorena Randi Conductor (Paris) : David Charles Abel Conductor (San Francisco) : Anthony Walker Conductor (Houston) : James Lowe