Lee Blakeley’s grim but arresting new production. ★★★★ ~ FINANCIAL TIMES

"My main aim was to take an unflinching look into the  dark heart of Rigoletto. I focused mainly on the human suffering, personal conflict and private passions that drive the piece. I wanted to honour the politics of Verdi despised by examining feudalism and despotism. That was the main reason I updated the opera to the period of composition; setting it against a backdrop of the Risorgimento. Within our imagined despotic dukedom we created a labyrinthine world, in which the screws were ever tightening. The sets reflect a decrepit palace, turning and falling in on itself, a world which is coming to an end, but fatally for the protagonists, one from which there was no visible means of escape."

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Designer : Adrian Linford Lighting Designer : Rick Fisher Choreographer : Nicola Bowie Conductor : Jader Bignamini