The Production was a thing of subline achievement ... bold and innovative ... a vision seeming so spontaneous as to be invisible. OPERA TODAY

"The swashbuckling heroic king Richard in the opera is quite far removed from the historical 12th century monarch, who in fact was a distant and unpopular king who practically bankrupted England to fund his campaigns in the East. In fact the attributes given Richard are all that en enlightenment monarch should be, wise, clement, progressive etc. it was no surprise to discover evidence suggesting that the piece was rewritten to flatter the newly crowned George II and reflect these qualities in him. Politically the piece is steeped in nationalism, imperialism and patriotic propaganda, a time when Britain stood alone and ruled the waves!  With the plot so wide of the true historical context we aligned our choices for the production with the century of composition rather than the century of the Crusades. Taking liberties with the period a little we looked to the 18c to create the stage world, and used the new romantic fashion influences of pirates, buccaneers and adventurers."

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Set Designer : Jean-Mark Puissant  Choreographer : Sean Curran Fight Director : Shaun Sheley Lighting Designer : Christopher Akerlind Conductor : Grant Llewellyn