Lee Blakeley’s superb production, full of telling details. Blakeley shrouds the tale in dark mystery, not all of which is susceptible of explanation, but he gets to the work’s essence and enlists its operatic grandeur as a means of doing so. ★★★★★ FINANCIAL TIMES

"In the opera, as in the play, the focus remains entirely is on the darker choices and desires of human nature. In creating the physical world for this production we have kept to the Shakespearean tradition of simple locations allowing for rapid transformations very much in line with 16c theatrical traditions. Costume wise we took inspiration from the 11c but were not slavish to it which gave a theatrical freedom to our choices. There was an elemental quality about the show using mud, earth, raw wood and water. At OTSL the thrust stage is perfect for this style of playing. It was a world where nature was represented by elemental pagan traditions which were being slowly replaced by the competing forces of Church and State."

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Set Designer : Alex Eales  Costume Designer : Mark Bouman Choreography : Sean Curran Lighting Designer : Christopher Akerlind  Fight Director : Shaun Sheley Conductor : Stephen Lord