Blakeley’s direction is as sure-footed as ever. ★★★★★ MUSIC THEATRE REVIEW

"Our production is one of the first to use the new critical edition in full. We stuck to the original time period of the show, 1948, for the backstage world of Fords Theatre. In the play with in the play we updated the Shakespearean world by fusing the New Look of the time and Elizabethan costuming. This gave both worlds an individual identity. We took influence from the Italy of Roman Holiday and Fellini rather than a Tudor idea of Italy. This was also a choice made to enable us to be dynamic in the choreography."

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Set Designer : Charles Edwards Costume Designer : Brigitte Reifenstuhl Choreography : Nick Winston Lighting Designer : Emma Chapman Sound Designer : Stéphane Oskeritzian Conductor : David Charles Abell