The tone was brilliantly judged, slipping from the jaunty comedy to the genuine pathos without a gear-change. This was a sexy, beguiling show with plenty of tension and questions asked. ★★★★★ ~ OPERA NOW

We wanted the memory of war to be very present in the show to make sense of the short notice departure of the boys and to intensify the sense of seizing the moment. We placed the show in the early 1920's so there was a poignancy to the departure of all the men. The show started in the early morning and we slowly progressed to evening and night with amazing lighting from Emma as sunlight tracked giving way to shadow. This worked as an emotional journey as the girls went from clarity and light into a night full of uncertainty.

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Designer : Adrian Linford Lighting : Emma Chapman Choreographer : Tess Gibbs Conductor : Michael Ashman