A match for the classic National Theatre version of 1996. Bittersweet soufflé is a delight. ★★★★★ THE TELEGRAPH

"With this being the Premiere of Sondheim in France the first aim in doing Night Music was do justice to the score and the text of Sondheim. To do this we had to solve the problem of how we would move with the required fluidity through the shows many scenes.  By using the Night Waltz as a ballet of memory we found a way into the heart of the show and that led us create a beautiful, sophisticated, and also surprising setting. For that reason act one was a dark almost black world of sexual repression and frustration, very un-Scandinavian. This then gave way in the act one finale, in a magical reveal during A Weekend in the Country, to a stage filled with light and possibility. We drew on Successionism and in particular Kilmt to reflect the lives of the three generations of sensual women around which the show revolves."

~ Lee Blakeley, Director


Direction : Lee Blakeley Set Designer : Rae Smith Costume Designer : Jo Van Schuppen Choreography : Andrew George Lighting Designer : Jenny Cane Conductor : Jonathan Stockhammer